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School Cleaning Services

Education facilities like schools and universities are home to students and staff for most of their day. Thus, these facilities become an oasis for moving germs. Our comprehensive school cleaning services help you maintain the rep of your facility and prevent the bad name. We offer everything from basic cleaning such as dusting to deep cleaning to ensure the trust of parents in you is maintained and even enhanced.

School Cleaning Services that are Second to None

A Tailored Approach to School Cleaning

A clean environment is not only necessary to protect children’s health but also prove to be effective in improving their performance. Our janitorial and sanitizing services for your educational facility are designed to prevent air-borne diseases in children caused due to the unclean environment and allowing them to focus more on their studies.

Best Quality, Time-saving, and Complete Satisfaction

Our comprehensive school cleaning services in the Cayman Islands are rendered in quick turnaround time to achieve efficient results and simultaneously pay keen attention to details. We use Vital Oxide – a hospital-grade disinfectant clinically proven to kill 99.9999% of infectious bacteria, which are often responsible for allergies. Our sanitizing product is biodegradable, sustainable, and non-toxic and can kill bacteria in less than 60 seconds from the time of its application. Our product is complemented with a robust and powerful cleaner to help us deliver unrivaled results.


Some of the few reasons to choose our School Cleaning Service in the Cayman Islands to get a healthier school and environment.



It is convenient for you to book an School Cleaning Service right here in the Cayman Islands



We are experienced and have been running this business for the past 10 years.


Detail Oriented

One of the main well-loved characteristics of the School Cleaning Service is being detail-oriented.


Save Time and Money

You can save time, money, and the hassle by hiring our School Cleaning Service for cleaning your school space.

School Cleaning Services for Your School

If you have a need for a School Cleaning requirement for your school, Clean Cayman has services to fit your needs.

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Our School Cleaning Services include

  • Thorough Inspection

  • Pre-Vacuum

  • Bathroom Cleaning

  • Desktop cleaning

  • Equipment cleaning

  • Post Inspection

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