The Importance of Sanitizing and Disinfecting

The Importance of Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Cleaning every day is important, but have you ever thought about the difference between having a clean space and having a sanitized and disinfected space? A clean home, office, or commercial space is good for you in so many ways – but a sanitized and disinfected home, office, or commercial space takes cleanliness to a whole new level. At Clean Cayman, we understand that your family, your customers, and your employees deserve a high-quality service that brings peace of mind to everyone. The correct care of our surroundings is a crucial aspect in the wellbeing and security we deserve. Especially today, a completely and thoroughly cleansed space has never been more important. If there are any questions you have regarding our leading sanitizing and disinfecting services, please read on for the answers.

The Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

To begin, it is important to understand the distinction between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. According to the Centers for Disease Control – there are distinct differences between the three.

Cleaning is the standard step taken for every environment, which is when you initially remove the dirt and dust from surfaces and objects. While cleaning does effectively get rid of the physical impurities that grow and form, it doesn’t necessarily kill the germs that get left behind. Regularly cleaning is important, but it is not the only factor that goes into in a well-cared for space.

This is where sanitizing and disinfecting come into play. After you have cleaned surfaces and objects, the germs that are left behind still need to be properly taken care of. When you sanitize and disinfect them – you are successfully removing these germs. Sanitizing will lower the number of germs to a safe level and disinfecting will almost completely remove them.

These three can be easier understood when you look at them as an increasing level of care. Cleaning is the initial step that does the necessary removal of the visible dirt, while disinfecting is the most extensive of the three that removes the germs you cannot see. The value of sanitizing and disinfecting is how these steps can protect from the dangers of bacteria. While both have their differences, understanding when and how to sanitize and disinfect safely and effectively is a necessity when it comes to providing a sparkling space.

The Benefits of Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Even when we are not in a pandemic, making sure everything is properly sanitized and disinfected is a must when it comes to keeping us safe. There are so many benefits to an effectively cared for space and we will go through some of the most important.

Safely Kills Germs

We’ve already learned that cleaning doesn’t get rid of the germs and bacteria that build up – but it is too important to not mention! While the concept of using harsh enough chemicals that actually sanitize and disinfect seem like it may be dangerous, you will be able to trust in the safety of the professional services of Clean Cayman. We have the knowledge and ability to provide sparkling care without risking the wellbeing of your family, staff, or your customers – which is incredibly important, especially when using products that sanitize and disinfect.

Lowers Stress Levels

Even more than usual we have been finding ourselves especially concerned of bacteria in our lives. Looking through our surroundings, there are so many different surfaces and objects that have an excessive number of germs due to the amount of use they get every day. Whether it’s a doorknob, a light switch, or the bathroom counter – the peace of mind you get when you know these surroundings are being properly taken care of is a lifesaver when it comes to stress levels. Not having to worry about any part of the space becoming a super bacteria hotspot will help keep your mind at ease.

Keeps Everything Smelling Fresh

Even when a space has been cleaned, there are deeper levels of bacteria that cause odors that will make an impact on how the air throughout it smells. Keeping every surface and object in properly sanitized and disinfected makes all the difference when it comes to a fresh scent. Mold and mildew are incredibly noticeable scents that require proper care in order to kill them – without ensuring an effective routine to maintain these germs, you will be faced with a constant reminder of them every time you walk in.

Helps to Reduce Allergies and Respiratory Issues

We’ve touched on how mold and mildew smell, but they can cause a lot more damage to our lives than just the scent of our surroundings. When mold, mildew, and even dirt and grime grow on surfaces and objects, the air quality will be affected. When bacteria grows around us, the effect it has on the air makes an impact on our health – especially if someone is prone to allergies or respiratory issues. Making sure our surroundings are sanitized and disinfected correctly can help limit exposure to these triggers as well as the amount of damage they cause to our bodies.

Lessens Health Care Costs

Going hand in hand with the health benefits of an effectively sanitized and disinfected space, the need for health care will decrease as well. When steps are taken that help to care for our bodies, ultimately the reward includes saving money that might otherwise be spent at a medical facility. Even if only a small amount is saved – it is a benefit that should not be overlooked.

The Difference in Green and Eco-Friendly Products

When you choose Clean Cayman, you are not only choosing a trustworthy and expert-level service, you are choosing a service that is built on prioritizing the health of every person and even the earth that we live on.

We use green and eco-friendly products for a variety of reasons, most importantly because they are incredibly less toxic to you and everyone around you. The harmful chemicals that standard disinfectants use have a lasting effect on everyone and everything they come in contact with. Here at Clean Cayman, we choose eco-friendly products that effectively sanitize and disinfect your surroundings without disrupting the health and safety of those within them. It is incredibly important to us to make your home, office, and commercial space a place you can trust in, and the kindness these products have on our environment is an added benefit we love, too!

Why Clean Cayman is the Best Choice

Clean Cayman is the leading sanitizing and disinfecting company in the Cayman Islands, using high end and high-tech equipment that gets the job done properly. Our products include an electrostatic sprayer, which uses electricity to thoroughly reach and stick to the surfaces and objects in any space.

At Clean Cayman, we use vital oxide disinfectants for our sanitizing and disinfecting services, which are EPA approved and more effective at killing germs than chlorine. Vital Oxide uses a chlorine dioxide compound that is used for a variety of antimicrobial practices such as the disinfection of water. Rather than the harsh effects chlorine can have, Vital Oxide is incredibly safe as well an extremely efficient cleaning solution.

Cleaning a home, office, or commercial space on a microscopic level can be an overwhelming and time-consuming challenge – but choosing Clean Cayman to do it for you is the easiest way to ensure it gets done correctly. We pride ourselves in being able to provide more than just a clean space; we provide a space that is professionally sanitized and disinfected using EPA approved products and electrostatic sprayers. Spending your time worrying about the invisible bacteria growing around you is stressful, we are here to put those worries to rest and get the job done right.